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From an early age when my friends wanted to play football in the parish, I was only there for referee. When there were football matches on TV, I always looked at who he was and acted as the referee. I was the referee for a hobby too and while I was playing baseball.

One day, in the summer 2008, my friend asked me to go and see in Internet if was beginning any course of referee baseball was going to attend (and, actually, the idea do not really sorry for myself) and I found the site of the football referees in Pesaro. And there was an article announcing the beginning of a new course of football referee. It was my chance. And this is where it all started.

In just over two years, I have crossed many categories until today to officiate the matches of the championship before Category in the region where I am. This activity is giving me great satisfaction especially in the staff.

But what I like to remember are the people who live in this Association, referees and referees' managers: people who for their passion spend most free time for this activity, people who help each other when something is wrong and at the same time rejoice in the debuts of others, people who grow up together because they all have something to learn.

I'm glad to be entered into this big family because we are all proud to be referees.
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